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September 16, 2007

Dieters, welcome to the Carnival of the Recipes!

Welcome to the Carnival of Recipes! As this week's host I asked for recipes for those trying to lose weight and stay motivated on their weight loss journey. I got that...and more (ah hem, read the instructions people.) Thanks to everyone who participated!

Recipes for dieters (with Weight Watchers POINTS):

Recipes for dieters (without Weight Watchers POINTS):

Healthy recipes:

Low carb recipes:

Recipes for diabetics:

And then there's our non-dieting bloggers:

For the funny bone:

I will be hosting the Carnival of the Recipes on October 21 over at A Readable Feast. The theme is "It's a Small World" so submit a recipe that kids will enjoy. Here's a sample:

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Thanks for including our recipe! The Blog Carnival page didn't mention anything about diet recipes, and this was my first submission to this carnival. My recipe was the exact opposite of a diet recipe. Sorry about that!

Lots of people don't know what the theme is for the week, and I never thought it was required that every recipe fit the theme. Opinion of the carnival owner, please?

(I thought I submitted a recipe this week, but I guess I forgot to send it in. Oh well, I'll read everybody else's entries. Could do without that squirrel recipe, though--shiver.)

Great job with this week's carnival!

It's not up on Shawn's site yet, but I'll be hosting next week at Catch the Spoon. The theme will be "drunk food" -- recipes to eat during a poker game or cocktail hour, recipes that feature alcohol, morning-after "hangover breakfasts", and, of course, cocktails.

Looks great. Thanks for hosting!

Huh? I thought Wee Wifey was going to be hosting and it was going to be all about breakfast, at least according to the "official" theme page, from which I've been religiously cutting and posting on my own blog.

Thanks for all these links! I'm especially thrilled by that healthy souffle recipe. :D

Hi everyone. I send Shawn, the carnival organizer, your feedback about the theme, i.e., that you didn't know there was one or thought it was something else.

I meant that next week's carnival was supposed to be "breakfast," not this one.

Eating healthy never sounded so good! Thanks for these recipes !

Awsome Canival this week. Great recipes and interesting blog linkage. Entries are organized well and the commentary on each entry is excellent. I really enjoyed reading this one and visiting the included links. Nice job!

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