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October 05, 2006

Food Blog of the Week - Nami-Nami

Mushroomnaminami_1Food Blog of the Week is back with a recommendation to check out another UK-based food blog, Nami-Nami. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, it's written by Pille, an Estonian foodie.

Pille also has two other food related blogs, Nami-Nami Reads the Papers, where she scans the UK newspapers for stories about food and eating, and Nami-Nami Recipes, which is a listing of all her recipes by type and cuisine.

So why do I recommend it? The photographs! Honestly, I just want to eat this blog. Look at the rolls or the wheels of cheese on fire and assorted wedding fare. She even makes Scottish haggis, neeps and tatties look good.

But my favorite are the mushrooms she picked. Someone please pay her lots of money to put this on a postcard or book cover - it's GORGEOUS.

But it's not all food porn. There's some terrific recipes as well, including her famous (Non) Candian Apple Cake. It's a great recipe to try now that we have so many terrific apples in season.

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Nami means delicious in one local dialect in the Philippines.

Thanks for the promotion, Anne Marie! My blog will be UK/Scotland based only for another fortnight, as I'm moving back home to Estonia after seven years here in Edinburgh. I guess I'll have to change my banner then, too:)
PS Peter - I didn't know about the Philippines dialect, but in Estonia it means something similar..

I love this blog too. I also recently went mushroom picking in Scotland and came back with a basket similar to the one in her excellent picture.

I really like that blog. It´s too bad that I discovered it only after I´d gone to Estonia. Lovely stuff about the Uk, too, so everything´s great.

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